Independent Trustee for the South Deep Education Trust and the South Deep Community Trust

About the Trusts

The purpose of the South Deep Education Trust is to provide funding to the beneficiaries as described in the Trust Deed for Education, Charities, Community-based Projects and Labour Sending Areas. The purpose of the South Deep Community Trust is to procure and utilize donations and other accruals to the Trust for payment to or on behalf of any one or more of the Beneficiaries for Community development projects, promotion of Community-based projects, resources and charities. The South Deep Education Trust and the South Deep Community Trusts have the same trustees serving on both Trusts.

Criteria for the role as Independent Trustee

  1. Extremely motivated and passionate about issues surrounding community development, education improvement, social entrepreneurship, socio-economic development, poverty alleviation and the reduction of inequality;
  2. Prepared to be part of a team that will drive the sustainability of the Trusts;
  3. Able to dedicate time to the Trusts’ governance processes, including participation in 4 board meetings per calendar year and other committee meetings;
  4. Fluent in English and any one of the other South African Languages.

Duties of the Independent Trustee

  1. Attending trustees meetings, which consists of 4 official board meetings per year as well as attending any other meetings as required;
  2. Participating in the “life” of the Trusts between board meetings for example advising the administration and management team and acting in an ambassadorial capacity for the Trusts;
  3. Ensuring that the Trusts are compliant with its governing documents, and any other relevant legislation or regulations;
  4. Ensuring that the Trusts apply its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objectives and ensuring the financial stability of the Trusts;
  5. Contributing actively by giving firm strategic direction to the Trusts;
  6. Acting independently at all times, not allowing other parties to exercise undue influence over trustee decisions;
  7. Safeguarding the good name and values of the Trusts and representing the Trusts appropriately;
  8. Be collectively responsible for the actions of the Trusts and other trustees;
  9. Ensuring the effective and efficient administration of the Trusts;
  10. Abiding by the policies of the Trusts;
  11. Having a clear understanding of the fiduciary duties of a trustee;
  12. Protect and manage the property/assets of the Trusts and ensuring the proper investment of the Trusts’ funds;
  13. Ensuring that the Trusts assets are properly insured against all reasonable liabilities;
  14. Keeping up to date on the activities of the Trusts and wider issues which affect the work of the Trusts;
  15. Working effectively within in a team and actively participate and contribute to the agenda of the Trusts;
  16. Engaging regularly with other trustees, such as the founder trustee, the trustee(s) appointed by the Community and/or any trustees appointed by the stakeholders of the project company and/or any forums established for the representation of the community;
  17. Engaging with other service providers appointed to manage the Trusts such as the trusts administrator and/or managers and/or auditors or accountants;
  18. Actively assessing and dealing with any disputes or risks arising from the nature of their duties.

Other Considerations

  1. To avoid conflict of interest, the candidate should have no relationship with Gold Fields Limited, any unions who operate within the mining industry, the RandWest municipality, or the host or LSA community and may not be a beneficiary of either Trust or a representative of organisations that are in a programmatic partnership with the Trusts;
  2. The candidate must be knowledgeable and have an understanding about the law applicable to trusts and understand the legal duties attached to being an Independent Trustee.

Key personal characteristics

  1. Integrity;
  2. Independence;
  3. Competence;
  4. Leadership.

Women, youth and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Applications close on 28 February 2023.

Kindly apply by forwarding your Curriculum Vitae and appropriate certificates to and/or

Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.