A Re Ageng Victim Empowerment Shelter

Sector: Social Upliftment


Crime and abuse against women and children remain an endemic problem in South Africa – including Westonaria communities. The primary aim of A Re Ageng Social Services is to improve the quality of life for community members, especially for victims of abuse and crime, by rendering holistic, accessible, objective and professional services.

A Re Ageng Social Services has two Victim Empowerment Shelters in Bekkersdal and Westonaria and six Victim Empowerment Centres at Police Stations in the area. Services include awareness and crime prevention campaigns, but the focus is on the treatment, therapy, rehabilitation and care of victims of abuse and crime until they are re-integrated into the society.

Victim Empowerment Shelters supported include:

  • A Re Ageng Shelter – Bekkersdal; and
  • A Re Ageng Nthabeleng Safe Haven.

Some of the key highlights for the project include:

  • 596 beneficiaries (victims of abuse and crime) were assisted compared to a target of 300
  • Beneficiaries included 80% women and 20% children
  • 2170 people were reached on its Outreach programme exceeding the Outreach target by 497 people
  • Partnering with Philani and 20 women were trained and will form cooperatives in future
  • Agreed infrastructure and protection support systems have been installed
  • The premises have been renovated in accordance with requests
  • A re Ageng’s Social enterprise (an NPC) and the City Harvest partnership is expanding:
    • They are working on a nursery in Simunye.
    • They have an order from Sibanye to supply seedlings to their agricultural projects.
    • The NPC is in phase two of Umgibe which includes installing the system in staff members’ homes – with help from trained beneficiaries.

Note: Photos of the activities and/or beneficiaries cannot be published due to the sensitive nature of support and to protect victims of crime and abuse. All photos herein are stock images.

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