Clifton Scholarship Programme

Sector: Basic Education – Labour Sending Areas


This project was implemented in 2012 with a focus on supporting learners from labour sending areas. It provides 100% scholarships to a number of primary and high school boys attending school at Clifton School in KwaZulu-Natal.

When the current board of trustees took over the SDET, there were 22 boys on the program. Eight of those boys have matriculated, which have gone on to study, amongst other things law, radiography, medicine, psychology and BCom degrees, another has been selected to attend the Sharks Rugby Academy and intends pursuing a career in professional sports.

In 2015, the trustees resolved to complete the program, but not extend it to new learners. This is in line with the SDET’s policy that 80% of the project spend should be in the host communities.

There are currently 12 scholars on the program in 2020.