Edumap College Support Programme

Sector: Basic Education


The aim of this project is to identify learners who have high potential in mathematics and science, but who have not performed in these subjects in their grade 12 exams (some even failing these subjects). The programme then sets out to supplement their learning in these subjects and in English, accounting, business studies and computer studies, for one year post Grade 12 with a view to the learners rewriting Grade 12 in these subjects at the end of that year.

This project was first implemented in 2015, with 15 students from Westonaria communities on the program. All 15 of these students rewrote their matric exams and passed with Bachelors’ passes. They are currently all attending tertiary education institutions and are studying in various fields, including engineering, radiography, metallurgy, quantity surveying, optometry, nursing, town planning, law, public relations and finance.

Twenty students from Westonaria communities were enrolled on the program in 2016. They had similar results to those in 2015, and have all taken up studies in tertiary education institutions or have received learnerships with big industries.

There were 31 students from Westonaria communities on the program in 2017, and the trustees further authorized that 30 students be supported in 2018 and a further 30 students in 2019.

The students of 2018 increased their Science marks by at least 1 symbol on average, and their Mathematics marks by 2 symbols on average.