Philani Incubator and Cooperative Development Programme

Sector: Entrepreneurial training


Philani Incubator and Cooperative Development Programme aims to address the need of skill development and sustainable livelihood, job creation and sustenance, simultaneously addressing the challenge of lack of alternative varieties of skill transfer – which generate level of income by ensuring implementations towards support measures, while focusing on achieving longer-term outcomes for communities, households and individuals.

The initiative intends to address specific needs of the Westonaria impoverished communities, thereby ensuring individual growth, community economic development and food security and reduce the future burden on the social protection system.

The South Deep Education Trust (SDET) and the South Deep Community Trust (SDCT) are jointly supporting the programme which aims to support and establish 30 cooperatives during a three year project duration, which started in 2015. As part of this programme, up to 370 beneficiaries from Westonaria communities, will be supported and undergo entrepreneurial and skills specific training.

Some of the key highlights for 2017 include:

  • 10 cooperatives were registered as per target for the first year, with a total of 86 cooperative members
  • Training targets were met with 90% attendance from the 101 participants trained
  • Cooperatives receive starter packs as part of their graduation and these are ready for collection
  • Bee farming has been earmarked as a social enterprise as part of the sustainability plan
  • The trust actively supports with market linkages of the operational cooperatives
  • New intakes started in August 2017

Some of the key highlights for 2018 include:

  • TEN co-operatives were supported and have registration documents.
  • New support frameworks are underway for perusal.
  • A secondary co-operative for sewing will benefit them and started in August 2018.
  • Additional market linkages have been created and the co-operatives have attended SEDA open days and markets which has created commitment to the co-operatives.
  • More support interventions have been provided to the various co-operatives.
  • The innovation hub in Randfontein is looking at partnering with cooperatives to assist with prototyping, packaging and branding.
  • All the cooperatives have applied for CIS funding, including GEP and other funders, awaiting response.
  • They got additional funding from Lottery (R150 000) to rebuild the green houses, and a training room for pottery.

Some of the key highlights for 2019 include:

  • There are currently 32 cooperatives registered.
  • They have reached their 3 year target of cooperatives, but the number of beneficiaries are on 81% due to members moving.
  • Open day are giving the cooperatives a platform to showcase their products to the community.
  • The last set of Starter Packs will be handed over in August 2019.
  • Cooperatives have enjoyed the exposure that was given by Philani, with support from SEDA and GEP. (See pictures)
  • All the cooperatives are fully compliant.
  • 56% of all cooperatives are income generating.

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